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No-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) is a simple, safe, and effective permanent contraceptive method for men and is an improvement on conventional vasectomy techniques, having minimal side effects or complications. In both Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Jharkhand states of India, however, male sterilization comprises just over 1% of all modern family planning use. Female sterilization, on the other hand, represents 44% of modern FP use in UP and 70% in Jharkhand.   

Since 2009, RESPOND partners EngenderHealth and JHU•CCP have provided technical assistance to the Governments of Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand states. This technical assistance is closely aligned with the states' National Rural Health Mission Action Plans; is supportive of and synergistic with the states' planned interventions and activities; and sets the stage for expansion and scale-up of NSV intervention.

Following the holistic supply-enabling environment-demand (SEED) model to complement the states' strategic approaches, RESPOND's technical assistance is organized as follows:

  • Supply Side: Conducting NSV training and backstopping and facilitating the quality of NSV services will result in the increased availability of NSV services with skilled, motivated, well-supported NSV service providers.
  • Enabling Environment: Advocacy will be targeted at creating an enabling environment for NSV services, with evidence-based policies and with resources maximized to meet the needs of generating demand while ensuring quality NSV services.
  • Demand Side: Engaging communities and providing them with correct information about NSV will improve the image of NSV services and inform couples about NSV.   

Together, these components will lead to a better-resourced, and more productive, supported, and sustainable program, and ultimately will result in improving the health of families.

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