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The RESPOND Partners offer specialized expertise for developing programs; for strengthening health services, and for using behavior change communication to develop and implement approaches that advance family planning programs.

The RESPOND Project is managed by EngenderHealth:


EngenderHealth provides technical assistance, training, and information to support ministries of health and health care providers in offering high-quality reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) services, HIV and AIDS services, and maternal health care. EngenderHealth is a global leader in supporting facility-based services and received the 2002 United Nations Population Award.

The following organizations are the implementing partners for the RESPOND Project:

FHI 360

FHI 360 is a global development organization with a rigorous, evidence‐based approach. Our professional staff includes experts in health, nutrition, education, economic development, civil society, environment and research. FHI 360 operates from 60 offices with 4,400 staff in the U.S. and around the world. Our commitment to partnerships at every level and our multidisciplinary approach enable us to have lasting impact on the individuals, communities and countries we serve - improving lives for millions.

Futures Institute

Futures Institute (FI) specializes in the design and implementation of public health and social programs for developing countries. In particular, FI focuses on developing and applying models for long-range planning to assist with setting goals, strategies, and objectives.


As a leading international authority on public health, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is dedicated to protecting health and saving lives. Every day, the School works to keep millions around the world safe from illness and injury by pioneering new research, deploying its knowledge and expertise in the field, and educating tomorrow's scientists and practitioners in the global defense of human life. The mission of the Center for Communication Programs is to use its core strengths-strategic behavior change, knowledge management, advocacy, capacity building and research and evaluation-to achieve these goals.

 Meridian Group

Meridian Group International, Inc., promotes and markets services and products, especially through the development of innovative public-private partnerships. Meridian Group International applies state-of-the-art marketing and communications approaches to RH/FP, nutrition, and other issues. 

Population Council

The Population Council is an international organization conducting biomedical, public health, and social science research on population issues. The Council has been instrumental in the design of health products, service-delivery programs, and public policies responsive to the needs of people living in the world's poorest countries. Reflecting a commitment to excellence, objectivity, and policy relevance, Council research identifies promising, sustainable approaches to enhancing people's health and well-being.

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