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Training Curricula and Manuals

  • Integration of Family Planning and Intimate Partner Violence Services: A Prototype for Adaptation, Trainer’s Guide (PDF, 6.5MB)
    August 2014
  • Stay Healthy: A Gender-Transformative HIV Prevention Curriculum for Youth in Namibia (PDF, 2MB)
    September 2011 
    Developed in partnership with LifeLine/ChildLine in Namibia, this prototype curriculum is meant to be used to help youth better understand the role of gender norms in the HIV epidemic and adopt healthy behaviors. Stay Healthy focuses on changing three key behaviors directly related to HIV infection: (1) delaying the onset of sexual intercourse, (2) increasing the correct and consistent use of the male condom among sexually active youth, and (3) decreasing multiple concurrent partners among sexually active youth. Set in a Namibian context, this highly interactive curriculum comprises a series of 18 linked sessions that can be easily adapted for use with youth in school and non school settings, as well as with youth in other countries.

  • Engaging Boys and Men in Gender Transformation:  A Spiritual Supplement Facilitating the Men as Partners Group Education Manual in Christian Settings (PDF, 2MB)
    This Supplement was developed jointly by EngenderHealth and LifeLine/ChildLine (our partner in Namibia) with funding support from PEPFAR awarded through EngenderHealth's RESPOND project. The document was created to: 1) stimulate conversation and deeper reflection on topics from the Men As Partners® (MAP) Group Education Manual with Christian audiences, 2) promote gender transformation through biblical and spiritual discussion, 3) support facilitators in dealing with difficult questions, of a religious or spiritual nature, from training participants, and 4) give facilitators religious and spiritual justifications for gender equity and equality, as well as deepen training participants' understanding of the topics covered. This document has been used by LifeLine/ChildLine to conduct gender transformative work with men and boys, and to train Christian clergy in its use for the development of sermons, pastoral counselling, religious education, and health education ministries.

    Click here for the Men as Partners Group Education Manual. 

  • A Guide to Action for Community Mobilization and Empowerment Focused on Postabortion Complications: Facilitator's Manual (PDF, 2.1MB)
    May 2010
    This training manual is based on the experiences in Kenya focused on community mobilization for postabortion care (COMMPAC) activities that are being implemented and evaluated in the Navaisha District of Rift Valley Province. Using the Community Action Cycle, a participatory problem-solving approach, community members are able to identify, prioritize, and solve the major problems relating to PAC in their communities.

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