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Technical Consultation Aims to Bring Long-Acting Reversible and Permanent Contraceptive Methods and Services Closer to the Client

Encouraging Men’s Participation in HIV and AIDS Prevention and HIV Testing Services: Evaluation of the Men As Partners® (MAP) Approach in Côte d’Ivoire

Hormonal Implant Services: Delivering a Highly Effective Contraceptive Method Now Available at Reduced Cost

Approaches to Mobile Outreach Services for Family Planning: A Descriptive Inquiry in Malawi, Nepal, and Tanzania

Now Available from The RESPOND Project Study Series: Contributions to Global Knowledge

Champions4Choice Blog: New Resource on Family Planning, Reproductive Health, and Rights

Expanding Contraceptive Choice in West Africa: Building the Capacity of Local Nongovernmental Organizations to Program Holistically 

New Articles in Global Health: Science and Practice Highlight Growing Demand for Hormonal Implants and Desire to Limit Future Births in Sub-Saharan Africa

Meeting the Need for Modern Contraception: Effective Solutions to a Pressing Global Challenge

Announcing RESPOND Project Briefs: Views on Family Planning and LA/PMs

Report: A Fine Balance: Contraceptive Choice in the 21st Century-An Action Agenda

Adapting an Employer-Based Approach to Support Increased Access to and Use of LA/PMs

Capacity Building to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence: Project Description and Evaluation of RESPOND/Guinea

New Research Available: The RESPOND Project Study Series: Contributions to Global Knowledge

He Said, She Said, We Decided: Couples Talk About Family Planning

RESPOND's Presence at the 2012-13 Women's Edition Seminar, Organized by the Population Reference Bureau

Now Available: Achieving Positive Policy Changes for Family Planning in Bangladesh

Factors Underlying the Use of Long-Acting and Permanent Family Planning Methods in Nigeria: A Qualitative Study

Acceptability of Sino-Implant (II) in Bangladesh: Six-Month Findings from a Prospective Study

NEW RESOURCE - LA/PMs: A Smart FP/RH Program Investment

Building the Capacity of IPPF Affiliates in West Africa: Use of a New Tool for Organizational Capacity Assessment.

RESPOND Participation at the Postpartum Tubal Ligation (PPTL) Online Forum

New Research: "Baseline Assessment of the Readiness of Health Facilities to Respond to Gender-Based Violence in Guinea"

RESPOND Project Leads Effort to Measure Family Planning Progress

The Right Decision at the Right Time: Dispelling Myths Around NSV in India

The RESPOND Project Welcomes New Project Director, Harriet Stanley, PhD

Now Available: A New Resource to Advance Contraceptive Security

RESPOND's Presence at the 2011 International Family Planning Conference - Dakar, Senegal 

Now Available: Stay Healthy: A Gender Transformative HIV Prevention Curriculum for Youth in Namibia

Now Available from The RESPOND Project: Resources for Community Postabortion Care

RESPOND Announces New Developments in the Calculation and Use of CYP - Couple Years of Protection

Building Will, Sparking Action: RESPOND Contributes to Greater Awareness of NSV in India

Highlights from the West Africa FP Conference, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, February 8-10, 2011

Now Available: Reality √: A Planning and Advocacy Tool for Strengthening Family Planning Programs, Version 2

A New Resource on Gender Integration for SRH Programs and Policies

Long-Acting and Permanent Methods Community of Practice - Join Us!

RESPOND's Presence at Conferences and Events

The Implants Toolkit: Your One-Stop Source for Reliable and Relevant Web-Based Information about Hormonal Implants

RESPOND Staff Present at ECSA Health Minister's Conference, Kampala, Uganda, February 2010

RESPOND at the International Conference for Family Planning: Research and Best Practices, Kampala, Uganda, November 2009.

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