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Do you want to become a more effective advocate for family planning (FP) programs?

Stat-Shot provides you with ready access to key statistics that will bolster your knowledge and understanding of current FP use. 

Do you know...

  • What methods women use for spacing versus for limiting? Whether these method choices match their stated fertility intentions?
  • How the method mix differs between the wealthiest and the poorest women? Between urban and rural women?
  • Whether parity and ideal number of children differ among users of different types of methods?
  • If family planning users met or exceeded their desired parity? Whether this differs by type of method used?

The RESPOND Project has recently completed a secondary analysis of 40 demographic and Health Surveys to explore the characteristics of users and nonusers of different FP methods. Indicators explored include parity, ideal number of children, wealth quintile, urban vs. rural location, and source of method, with methods categorized as traditional, short-acting, or long-acting and permanent.

The findings from this analysis have been compiled into a user-friendly web-based and downloadable application, called Stat-Shot: Focused Family Planning Data at Your Fingertips.

This innovative tool has been designed for a wide range of users. For example, Stat-Shot can inform advocacy presentations by highlighting disparities in method use and can enable evidence-based decision making and priority setting among program managers by identifying existing gaps in knowledge or underserved segments of the population.  


A Note on how to download Stat-Shot


To start the download click on the link above and a dialogue box should appear asking if you want to run or save the program. You want to save the program and you should use the dropdown menu to click on Save As and then specify a location for StatShot (desktop is always an easy option). Depending on the security system you have on your computer you might get messages telling you that this application is "untrusted". This is because it is not (yet) a commonly downloaded application. If you do get a pop up message that questions the security of the application, simply follow the instructions that give the computer permission to continue the download. These messages are not related to the content of what you are downloading. One of the ways our security systems work is to highlight as suspicious any file that has only been downloaded a few times (the threshold for this will vary depending on the security system). 

For example, if your computer has Symantec for security the first message you will get is: "This program is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer". There will be two options to choose from- Delete and Actions- you should click on Actions and then Run Anyway, followed by Yes.  At this point the actual download for StatShot will start and you just need to navigate through the dialogue boxes which should be 4 next buttons and then finish. On the final dialogue box you should click that the program has been installed correctly.    

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