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The RESPOND Project—Responding to the Need for Family Planning—was a five-year (2008–2013; extended for one year through September 23, 2014) Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreement funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Bureau for Global Health/Office of Population and Reproductive Health’s Service Delivery Improvement Division. The project’s primary objective was to advance the use of reproductive health (RH) and family planning (FP) services, with a focus on informed choice and voluntary use of long-acting and permanent methods of contraception (LA/PMs).

Led by EngenderHealth, the RESPOND Project was implemented in partnership with FHI 360; Futures Institute; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs; Meridian Group International, Inc.; and Population Council. This partnership brought together complementary competencies to provide global leadership, generate new knowledge driven by country-level experiences, and enable impact within FP programs to address individuals’ unmet need for FP and help to achieve their reproductive intentions.

This digital archive constitutes RESPOND’s legacy of lasting resources and has been designed as a searchable knowledge source for the RH/FP community. The different sections of the archive contain a wide range of resources that were developed over the life of the project, at both the global and the country (field) levels. You will find resources ranging from conceptual models, programmatic tools, and technical guidance to analytic reports, advocacy briefs, and presentations on country experiences to revitalize FP. This content reflects the experience of programs from all regions and the outcomes of an extended global-field partnership dedicated to leadership, learning, and impact and the synergy among these three pillars.

These materials have been organized under six topics representing the thematic areas of RESPOND’s work:

  1. Respecting, Protecting, and Fulfilling Informed Choice and Rights
  2. Building the LA/PM Community of Practice
  3. Strengthening Contraceptive Security for Long-Acting and Permanent Methods
  4. Improving Access, Service Capacity, and Quality
  5. Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Evidence-Based, Holistic Programs
  6. Facilitating Gender Equity and Transformation

Additionally, the resources can be viewed by type or by country.

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The RESPOND Project Digital Archive, Version 2.0